I am looking for a screen reader app or extension for the Google Chrome browser. This is specifically for Chrome OS so Java applets aren't an option, although Flash should be fine.

Any suggestions?

Update: Sometime in the last few days Chrome OS got an update to the accessibility features that includes screen reading.

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Have you looked these accessibility extensions?


According to this discussion, development for a screen reader is underway.

  • I had not seen that discussion. Maybe that's the "GoogleVox" that I saw mentioned on one of the help pages, but doesn't seem to exist otherwise. I have looked at a number of other extensions, but none offer screen reading. It isn't accessibility per se that I am after. I am participating in the Cr-48 pilot program and wanted to see if screen reading was a feature currently available. Thanks! – Isaac Truett Dec 16 '10 at 13:13

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