Why do some channels such as Jesse Cox, Vlambeer, and Felicia Day offer one time subscriptions instead of monthly sub fees?

Aren't Twitch subscriptions supposed to cost $4.99 per month?


When subscription buttons were first added, Twitch experimented by offering non-standard sub-options such as $2.99 subs and one-time subscriptions.

While Twitch no longer offers one-time sub fees, partner channels that signed up were allowed to continue offering one-time subscriptions.

It's worth noting that Twitch Prime subscriptions can be used for channels with one-time sub fees.

List of channels with one-time subscriptions:

  • Evo (Previously srkevo1) - $12.00 / One Time
  • FeliciaDay - $4.99 / One Time
  • RyonDay - $4.99 / One Time
  • JesseCox (Previously shaboozey) - $2.99 / One Time
  • Vlambeer - $12.99 / One Time

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