I've received an automated mail saying "my" new e-mail address was created. My e-mail is [email protected], and the message says the new address is something like [email protected].

I immediately changed the password and went through the security check. I also checked the latest activity. I saw something strange:

Authorized app (427071021612.apps.googleusercontent.com) 
Hide details
OAuth domain name:
Manage account access

Why did this happen? Did I get hacked?

  • Was there a message at the bottom of the email alerting you to steps you can take if you received the message in error?
    – ale
    Mar 16, 2017 at 14:25
  • Yes, I followed the link to some Google page. Then I unlinked that bogus account from mine, then changed the password, then performed the security step-by-step process Google suggests. Then I turned on 2-step verification.
    – Da Rossa
    Mar 17, 2017 at 2:18

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It would seem that more than likely someone created a new Gmail (Google) account and listed your email address as the account recovery email address. Why? Who knows. Error. Prank. Plain stupidity. Take your pick.

Your account is fine; this is little more than an inconvenience and, honestly, poor security on their part. Now you have a gateway to take over their account.

Another possibility is that this is a phishing message to try to get you to log into a bogus site and give up your credentials. As long as your practicing good security to keep your Google account secure you should be fine. At the very least, be sure to use 2-step authentication.


This number seems to relate to IFTTT (If This Then That, ifttt.com).

Your account is fine.


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