In face of Delicious' planned end of life, I'm trying to find an alternative solution for storing my bookmarks. This solution should have the following features:

  • free (like Delicious)
  • supports bookmark tagging (like Delicious)
  • supports bookmark addition through bookmarklet (like Delicious)
  • provides RSS feed for me, and each of my tags (like Delicious ... or at least I think)
  • works well with Opera (like Delicious)
  • has an easy to use user URL (like Delicious ... as an example, here is mine: http://www.delicious.com/Riduidel)
  • provides easy to manipulate tags URLs (as an example, Delicious allows http://www.delicious.com/Riduidel/bluetooth+wii which obviously filters bookmarks for Bluetooth and Wii ones)
  • provides full text search on bookmarks (not like Delicious)
  • maybe snapshot of website
  • maybe dead link detection/correction (using as an example http codes)

Do you know such a solution?

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    Delicious isn't going away any time soon - blogs.computerworld.com/17548/…
    – James L
    Dec 19, 2010 at 11:17
  • Take a look at fetching.io, indexes all the pages you visit, then lets you search them later. Dec 15, 2014 at 22:06
  • If the closing reason is valid, where is the correct place to ask such questions? OP asked for specific web application.
    – pihentagy
    May 8, 2017 at 15:10

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Pinboard.in provides most of the features you are looking for, although it isn't free. $25/year to get full text search.


I'm currently in the process of testing trunk.ly, which more or less provides most of the pelasing features I mentionned upper. Obviously, there is no Opera bookmarklet yet, but a delicious synchronization tool that allow seamless bookmarking. In fact, the most missing feature seems to be the impossibility to easily combine tags in URL, which is hopefully replaced by a very powerful search engine.


Try Pinterest, the popular visual social bookmarking website for both pictures and video.


Delicious isn't going away any time soon as James L said...

... but nonetheless, there is diigo.

It does most of the requested features and it even has an Instruction & FAQ site about the transition from Delicious to Diigo.


Well, after some attempts, I finaly took the self-hosted route (which was absolutly not planned at the time of the question writing) with a very good project, which is a kind of delicious self-hosted clone : Shaarli. As one may note by looking at the very good documentation page all the features are present, and some other are nice additions (feature list borrowed from site)

  • Minimalist design (simple is beautiful)
  • FAST
  • Dead-simple installation: Drop the files, open the page. No database required.
  • Easy to use: Single button in your browser to bookmark a page
  • Save url, title, description (unlimited size). Classify links with tags (with autocomplete)
  • Tag renaming, merging and deletion.
  • Automatic thumbnails for various services (imgur, imageshack.us, flickr, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion…)
  • Automatic conversion of URLs to clickable links in descriptions. Support for http/ftp/file/apt/magnet protocols.
  • Save links as public or private
  • 1-clic access to your private links/notes
  • Browse links by page, filter by tag or use the full text search engine
  • Permalinks (with QR-Code) for easy reference
  • RSS and ATOM feeds (which can be filtered by tag or text search)
  • Tag cloud
  • Picture wall (which can be filtered by tag or text search)
  • “Links of the day” Newspaper-like digest, browsable by day.
  • “Daily” RSS feed: Get each day a digest of all new links.
  • PubSubHubbub protocol support
  • Easy backup (Data stored in a single file)
  • Compact storage (1315 links stored in 150 kb)
  • Mobile browsers support
  • Also works with javascript disabled
  • Can import/export Netscape bookmarks (for import/export from/to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Delicious…)
  • Brute force protected login form
  • Protected against XSRF, session cookie hijacking.
  • Automatic removal of annoying FeedBurner/Google FeedProxy parameters in URL (?utm_source…)
  • Shaarli is a bookmarking application, but you can use it for micro-blogging (like Twitter), a pastebin, an online notepad, a snippet repository, etc.
  • You will be automatically notified by a discreet popup if a new version is available
  • Pages are easy to customize (using CSS and simple RainTPL templates)

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