Is there a reason why Google Apps Free requires a fax number for a "business" type? What if a business doesn't have a fax number?

How can you get around this issue, other than getting an eFax number?


I use the free version of Google Apps and have not been required to have a business fax number. Are you sure that you are not mistaken about this "requirement"?

  • I'm not mistaken as far as I can tell! I couldn't get to step 3 unless I entered a number. Until I was able to get the fax number, I just used my phone number instead and it worked. But now I can't find the tab where I can change it. :) – Dave Dec 18 '10 at 9:16

If you figure out where to change it and want to get a free eFax number, this page has some information on the eFax free plan as well as the eFax Plus plan.

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