I am using google sheet function to extract a table from investing.com, the data I need is on daily basis, where there is a button in the page named "daily". However since the default setting of the page is "hourly", when I use "importhtml" in google sheet the data given is on an hourly basis. The url for both "daily" and "hourly" is exactly the same. How can I extract the "daily" data?

enter image description here


  • Can you show your mporthtml function that your pulling in? e.g. which index your choosing for "table" - I think I have an answer for you , but I cant compare results without knowing Mar 24, 2017 at 5:27

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Actually this is an interesting workaround that works - for whatever reason - the mobile version of their site defaults to daily instead of hourly - the table indices are slightly differently ordered.

Original Function

But for example for this table, which on the regular page (the one you listed) would be :


enter image description here

New Function

And for the same table with the mobile site you get daily:


enter image description here

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