I have a project start date and end date. I want to create a formula that says looking at todays date, here is what % we are into the project. Any way to do this via Google sheets?


It's probably easier than you think. You can do arithmetic operations on dates. You may need to tweak formatting, but this should work:

  |     A      |     B     |
1 | start      | end       |
2 |   1/3/2017 | 5/31/2017 |

Assuming your start date is in A2, and your end date is in B2...

The difference between your dates can be expressed as =B2-A2.

The difference between your start date and the current date can be expressed as =TODAY()-A2.

Using the division of the two will give you the ratio: =(TODAY()-A2)/(B2-A2). (Don't forget the parentheses, otherwise you'll have an order of operations problem.) Then it's just a question of formatting your output as a percentage. (If you want to shortcut it and not worry about formatting, simply multiply the result by 100.)

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