I want to grab some lists of data from various pages on the web and I'm using IMPORTXML to do it.

Assume I have a list of URLs in column D.

Depending on the URL, the length of the results can be different and I want to have them all in a single contiguous column.

In A1, I've found that the formula

={IMPORTXML(D1, xpath);IMPORTXML(D2, xpath)}

works for the two URLS in D1 and D2, but I want to be able to pull this off if I have many more URLs listed in the D column.

Going to start with about 10 URLs and add more later, and I will do this with more than one xpath for multiple columns to build out a sheet to do lookups on.

I'd like to just be able to refer to D:D, and I tried that with ARRAYFORMULA(), for example:


Did not work. I thought that would perform the IMPORTXML for each element in the column. It only included the URL in D1.

I'm hoping for a sensible option that won't require that I expand the first formula to keep repeating the IMPORTXML for every row in D, and then as I add URLs later, to have to keep extending the array.


Not all the Google Sheets functions are able to work with ArrayFormula. Looks that the import functions (IMPORTDATA,IMPORTHTML,IMPORTRANGE, IMPORTXML) are this kind of functions. A similar answer https://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/89290/88163 to a similar question Use of importdata with arrayformula

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