How to list the Facebook groups available?

My groups page lists groups where I'm a member and the button to create a new group but no option to list other groups.

I can search for groups but I can find how to list them, by category, if possible.

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It looks like this is currently somewhat broken.
If you go to an existing group (Aleph-One Strong for the Generalized Continuum Hypothesis!), then click on the category in the information, it takes you to a link which appears to be a search link (Outlandish Statements from the above group), but it gives you the message "Please enter a query." If you then put in a search term, it searches among all groups.

However, if you add &q=searchterm to the link, you get a search for your searchterm in your category. Taking the example from above, http://www.facebook.com/search.php?sfxp=1&c1=10&c2=141&type=groups&q=answer will get you a list of all groups in the category "Outlandish Statements".

With the millions of groups, and small number of categories for groups, a list of all groups in a category would be too large to look through them.


There is no such public directory listing all the open groups.

You will instead have to either

  • Search for a topic from the search bar and narrow down to Groups, or

  • See what groups Facebook thinks you will want to join (based on your interests, likes and other data) from Browse Groups.


You can just access http://www.facebook.com/directory/ to browse for users, groups and so on.

Edit: not working anymore.


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