I have two lists of time, one a set of starts and the other a set of ends, I want to calculate the duration between them and sum them.

When the end time goes past midnight, I experience a problem. I can calculate the difference between the times correctly, but the sum of the duration is incorrect.

Here is the data and the result:

enter image description here

Here are my formulas:

enter image description here


You have two problems, you are neither displaying, nor calculating the duration correctly.

Quick Answer:

  1. Format your duration column as Format > number > duration.
  2. Use the formula =B2-A2+(B2<A2) to calculate a duration effectively.


enter image description here


enter image description here


The duration is being displayed as a time and not a duration. Here you can see the same difference, one formatted as automatic, which defaults to time, the other is formatted as a duration:

enter image description here

The formula =B2-A2+(B2<A2) returns the difference between the two times, and adds 1 day if minuend is less than the subtrahend, it adds 0 days otherwise.

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The formula in the answer above did nothing for me "=b2-a2+(b2<a2)".

I don't even see how it could do what it proposes - "adds 1 day if minuend is less then the subtrahend". When you enter only =b2<a2, only thing you can get is true or false result - and that's exactly what you get, try it. So that doesn't work.

But it gave me a good idea for a solution. So, here it is:


And that works nice and neat.

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