I have a Google Plus page for my business. When I type my business name in the Google search box, I can see on the right side a pane with my business details, location, images etc.

I can easily edit the information appears there, but I don't know how I can change the image appears next to GoogleMaps box (see image).

google search for my business

Is that an image which is picked by Google algorithms? Is that related to SEO only? any chance I can control this image and replace it for my business?

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I believe they take the image from either your google my business (previously called google places) or your companies google plus page. With google my business being the first choice.

I do some work for a interior design and architecture company and although the google my business page has 20-30 images on the profile the "main pic" shown in search results always seems to be set by google and rarely changes. One thing i have noticed though is that google will tend to favour using images which its algorithms believe are of an external of a building (i guess they believe this is an image of the external of your office (which if you are an architecture / building etc company it wont necessarily be true as it could be of a project you recently completed.)

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