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I wish to change product page to English because AliExpress uses auto translation to my native language and it is not readable at all. I found way to translate page to any language changing 2 letter subdomain domain.

I took first cheapest listing in arduino. ($0.20)


if I change ru -> es


Then it changes language to Spanish

If I change es -> www then I am redirected back to es

Also en is not working

If I click Go to Global Site (English) then I loose listing I was browsing.

  • But if I click Go to Global Site (English) in New Tab then (I am still on Spanish/Russian)

  • then I Reload and I get international site.

  • next I return to Tab 1 and replace ru (es or ....) with www then I can open original page.

If I add to URL &isOrigTitle=true then I get original title. In past there was option to see original listing but that link is missing now. May be you know what must be added to url e.g. (&isOrigDescription=true &isOrigDesc=true do not work)

Is there simpler way to disable translations?

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I found solution for this.

  1. Clear cookies in your browser for all aliexpress domains
  2. Visit the page report.aliexpress.com before visiting any other aliexpress pages
  3. Click on Aliexpress logo (visit aliexpress.com)
  4. It is fixed now, stay on English or change to another language via website interface

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Aliexpress/comments/mip732


by clearing all cookies in your browser then go to the official site www.aliexpress.com

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