Is it possible to permalink to an answer on Microsoft Community?

Take the answer below from "Using Windows 7, how do I run CHKDSK?" as an example. Clicking the author name goes to the user's profile page, while the post date shows an edit history, but neither offers a permalink option.

Example answer from Microsoft Community


Here's a solution for Google Chrome (other browsers should be similar). I'm using this thread as an example (the desired answer is the reply with the picture by LarryGriffiths).

  1. Select some text in the desired answer
  2. Right-click > Inspect (or Ctrl+Shift+I)
  3. Navigate to the div that wraps the answer. Example:
    <div class="thread-message thread-message-enus" data-bi-area="33222377-d4df-4b79-9777-19a5cebdcb12" msgid="33222377-d4df-4b79-9777-19a5cebdcb12" msgparentid="1429f9aa-383b-49e3-bdc1-11646998c128" pagepos="1" msgpos="3" msgsection="Replies">
  1. Copy the value of msgid.* Example:
  1. Append ?messageId=+value obtained above to the URL. And you're done. Example:

The end result: permalink!

*other attributes containing this value are data-bi-area, data-bi-areaname, data-messageid, data-paneltarget.

Source: social.microsoft.com (valtih1978, November 2013)

This procedure was tested for answers.microsoft.com. For social.microsoft.com, the link above is an example itself.

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