Plugins and tools that work with Gmail to increase productivity.

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Better Gmail 2 encapsulates a number of helpful add-ons that I like. (Requires Greasemonkey, and, thus, Firefox.)


  • Add Row Highlights: Highlights the letter rows in the new Gmail when you hover over them with the mouse cursor.
  • Attachment Icons: See what kind of attachment an email has in list view.
  • Attachment Icons (Native): Same as attachment icons, but uses icon images native to your system.
  • Bottom Post in Reply (Plain Text only): Inserts cursor after the quoted message in plain text replies automatically.
  • Label Links: Lists labels in a folder-like hierarchy.
  • Hide Buzz Count: Hides the unread count next to Buzz in Gmail.
  • Hide Chat: Hides Gmail's Chat box in the sidebar.
  • Hide Invites Box: Hides the Gmail invites box on the sidebar.
  • Hide Labels in Message Row: Hides the labels that appear in a message row unless the user hovers over the message.
  • Hide Spam Count: Hides Gmail's Spam message count.
  • Inbox Count First: See unread message count first on Gmail tab title.
  • Play Sound Notifications for New Mail: Plays an audible notification when you receive new email.
  • Show Unread Message Count on Favicon: Shows the number of unread Gmail messages in the favicon in your Firefox tab.

I am a huge fan of Rapportive, definitely worth checking out (free)

Rapportive integrates into your gmail and serves as a simple CRM.


Google's own Gmail Labs features are a major benefit for me.

  • Among the dozen labs I have enabled, I particularly like "Canned Responses", "Don't forget Bob", "Got the wrong Bob?", and "Inserting images" Commented Jul 2, 2010 at 13:45

From Gmail Labs:

Undo Send should be enabled by default ! Saves you for instance from the accidental tab-enter...

I also like the Mark as Read Button.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE "Undo Send" - and now you can change/extend the undo interval Commented Jul 14, 2010 at 3:35

I like GMail notifier, which lets you know you have new mail, even if you don't have a browser window (or a gmail tab) open.


From Gmail Labs, the 2 I have enabled:

Title Tweaks - puts the # of new msgs in the title so you can see it when your browser window is minimized. e.g. "Inbox (3) - [email protected]"

Inserting Images - allows direct embedding of images into the body of your email (not sure why this isn't part of the "core" app)


If you send and receive a lot of documents by email, DokDok (dokdok.com) is pretty handy.

I'm the Founder, sorry for the shameless plug, couldn't resist such an open question.


Google Mail Checker Plus is an excellent extension to Chrome. It not only notifies you of new emails and shows the preview of the message but also allows to

  • mark email as Read
  • mark email as Spam
  • Archive email
  • Delete email

all that without opening the email itself. I wish those features where added to the email notifier in Google Talk client

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