For each relevant row I would like to have ColumnC populated with the value from ColumnA repeated (one above the other) in the C cell the number of times there are separate (one above the other) entries in the correponding B column.

WA10513 Q example

Is it possible?

Example sheet

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Maybe the result you want can be achieved with:


but I have made no attempt to optimise it.

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    Wow.. ! It's so great and wonderful. Hi.. ! pnuts thanks you are so very pretty kind so much It's work very beautiful and thanks once again to you. I have a difficult to explain these all talking it with speaks in english. How best you, you could understand my language as well ... – Deby Ferdian Apr 13 '17 at 7:01
  • if you don't mind with pleasure to solve my any problems on another thread on stackoverflow.com/questions/43345422/… . Probably you could solve that too with so easy looks like an above ealier you did and fix my problem as well too. – Deby Ferdian Apr 13 '17 at 9:50
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