How can I somehow "grade" or "favorite" my photos in Google Photos?

I take a lot of photos and have a hard time deleting them. :( So I "Thin The Herd" by marking maybe 1% as favorites.

How can I do this in Google Photo? They are already arranged in Albums, so I'd rather not do this with a "Favorites" Album. (The Albums are by event/subject.)


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This feature is life since mid 2018:


BUT: Its not possible to "favorite" images in an album: Its possible to "favorite" the image itself, but not as a referenced file in an album. Its quite limited. Come on Google, you can do better! (And should do)


Found this question in Sep 2017 (five years after the original question was asked). Apparently there is not such a feature (as of Mar 2016, that is). Please see this discussion on Google's product forum


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