I want to set up registration forms for training but limit class size. I know the date/time limit but that won't work for limiting the number of participants.

Is there a way to stop accepting forms once a set number have been received?

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You can limit the total number of submitted entries in Cognito Forms by setting quantity limits on your form:

  1. Add a Calculation field to the bottom of your form
  2. Set Calculation to Registration
  3. Set Quantity Limits to Specific Quantity
  4. Set Quantity to 20
  5. Set Error Message to Registration is full!
  6. Set Show This Field to Never

This will limit the total number of submitted registrations and show an error message to anyone trying to view/submit the form once registration is full. If you later delete a registration, this will automatically open up registration slots.

enter image description here

If you have multiple classes with different limits, you can simply select Limit Quantities on the Choice field and specify the number of participants per class. You can learn more about quantity limits in our help documentation.

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