Is there a way I could use hangouts.google.com chat windows in a fullscreen mode? I mean, I use Messenger via messenger.com (full size) or Slack using the website slack.com (also full screen). When I open a Hangouts chat window, it is a very small window in the bottom right corner. I could open it up to a new window, but I would like to keep it inside the tab, not a new window.

Is there a way?

(I have a big screen, so it is kinda funny looking at the small thing in the corner)

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No, it is not currently possible to have Hangouts be fullscreen without opening a separate window for it. I believe this is because Google wants it to be perceived as an app, not just a website.

The closest you can get is making the whole thing fullscreen by simply clicking the maximize button while on the Hangouts website or using the Chrome extension. You can also make individual conversations fullscreen by clicking the pop-out arrow in the top right of the conversation then clicking the maximize button for that conversation. This is true on the site, in the extension, and in Gmail.

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