I use about 100-150 email addresses using the catch-all feature of gmail in g-suite.

When I sign up for a new service I make up an email address for that service so they don't have my real email address.

Is there a way to switch from a catch-all to a whitelist of names? Google does a great job of catching the spam but still I'd like to consider being able to put emails on a whitelist, hopefully one that is easy to edit so if I'm signing up to a new service from a phone I can easily add the new address to the whitelist.

Note that currently using the catch-all feature I am also able to send from and reply from those email addresses. In other words, someone sends to xyz@mydomain.com, gmail's catch all feature makes that email show in my main email account me@mydomain.com. If I click reply the reply defaults to being from xyz@mydomain.com. I don't want to lose that feature.

BTW: catch-all is being deprecated so I'm looking for a solution that works with the new ways of doing things, not the catch-all way.

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