I'm building an exercise tracker with DATE, EXERCISE, VALUE column. I'm racking my brain to come up with a formula that could populate a new column with the last maximum value of each exercise according to date. i.e.


So in this case, my performance history for exercise A is:


Last maxes should be


So far, I've managed to sort the VALUE by last largest (though cells that are not MAX are "", instead of filling with last MAX value) with


but can't figure out how to discriminate and track last largest of individual exercise. I can also

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    Providing a sample sheet can be helpful to those answering the question. – jonsca Apr 24 '17 at 2:14

Assuming your data is in columns A-C, starting at row 2, this formula, when copy/pasted into the group max column, will give you want you want:

=max(filter(filter($A$2:$Cx, $B$2:$Bx=Bx), {false, false, true}))

where x = current row.

Working example


  • The innermost filter() takes into account only all rows until now from the current row's group
  • the outermost filter() limits the result to the 3rd column
  • max() takes the max of that column.

A challenge: can this answer be improved to a single ARRAYFORMULA that would not require copying/pasting? I was not able to do it.

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    Tried in various configurations e.g. this: =ArrayFormula(max(if(B$2:B13=B2:B13,C$2:C13))) but it does not expand to the whole range. – ttarchala Apr 24 '17 at 9:20



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