A business partner has shared their Google sheet with me and I have view only access. I would like to query a field on column C and look for a String value (which is a ticket number) from my Google sheet.

What I ultimately want to do is find the row with the ticket number (column 'c') and display the status of the ticket on my Google sheet (col 'o' as my business partner updates the shared Google sheet.

I've been looking on the Internet and have tried different queries but I can't find anything that is used to reference a shared Google sheet.

Would appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction.



Please try:

=QUERY(ImportRange("*key*","*Sheet1*!A:O"),"select Col3 where Col15 =*8*",1)

You would need to insert the appropriate Sheets ID (key), Sheet name (replace Sheet1 if necessary) and provide the value to be used for searching (here 8). Do not include any asterisks.


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