So, this is rather difficult to explain, but I will attempt. Lets say I am starting the body of an email


this is what I type into my keyboard.


This is what shows up.

Another example being





After typing the first letter, the cursor jumps left, so as in the last example


This happens on every new line, and is incredibly frustrating. I wish to know how to fix this.

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    This is only happening in Gmail? I suspect some browser add-on. – ale Apr 26 '17 at 12:00
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    Have you tried a different browser? Is your current browser up to date? Have you tried launching the browser without any add-ons/extensions enabled? Are you using any other "quick key" utility, such as AutoHotkey? – ale Apr 26 '17 at 19:49

I was having this same issue and it was driving me nuts. Turned out to be the "Millennials to Snake People" Chrome extension. I disabled it (didn't have to uninstall) and the problem seems to be fixed.

The developer knows about the issue as of a couple weeks ago and is working on it.

  • This solution worked for me on macOS. – James Becwar May 2 '17 at 19:39
  • This also was caused by a Trump-to-Drumpf extension. Might be common with text replacement extensions. – joh04667 Apr 5 at 15:16

I experienced this issue too. I tested it out in another browser (Edge) and didn't see the same behaviour. I deleted a couple of extensions from Chrome that I wasn't using, and the issue stopped after I re-launched Chrome. You might want to try out deleting/reinstalling your extensions one by one to figure out which one might be causing this.


I had this issue until I uninstalled the Cloud to Butt Redux extension. Not totally SOL though, the Cloud to Butt Plus extension still works!

  • This answer doesn't make much sense. Did you restart the browser after you uninstalled? – jonsca May 21 at 23:40

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