We're using Google Apps (or Gsuite, as it's called now) to manage Gmail emails on our own domain name; let's call it domain.com. We're also using a domain alias, let's call it alias.com.

I have just suspended a user, john, and I want to forward his email to another account. As suggested here, I have:

  • renamed the john account to john.suspended
  • removed the automatic alias [email protected] from john.suspended
  • added [email protected] as an alias for the user I want to forward the email to

While it seems to work for [email protected], it doesn't work for [email protected], I receive a non-deliverable notification because "the user is suspended".

When I look at the john account, there are indeed 2 aliases left:

But I cannot remove these aliases: they don't have the "remove" link next to them.

I don't care about the latter, but [email protected] is a big issue: this is precisely the email I wanted to redirect.

How can I remove the email alias [email protected] from the john account?

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When using a domain alias, every account in your domain gets the other address at the alias domain. You can't change or remove this for a single account.

To address your direct question, you can not remove [email protected] from the account [email protected]. If you have renamed the account to [email protected], rather than adding [email protected] as another alias, then [email protected] should either no longer be an alias on that account, or you should be able to remove it.

If you can't, I recommend contacting Google Support as it appears this is bugged.

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