So I have a script that updates one cell, the function is triggered weekly:

function updateCell() {
 SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet().getRange('a2').setValue('=Index(ImportData("URL HERE"),1,1)');

The thing is, this function only updates A2 (as it is set). What I want to do is update 3 cells and then go to the next line. Here is my FNX:

function RecordToSheet() {
  /*Record Date & Time*/
  /*Record 1*/
  /*Record 2*/

As you see, the "getRange" is set to a2, b2, c2 (since a1, b1, and c1, is occupied by text). I need the script to "go to the next line" when it adds a value instead of change the current value. How would I do this?


You can use appendRow() function to append the new values to the first empty row

Your code will look like this:

function RecordToSheet() {
 // make a data array with your row data 
 data = ['=NOW()','=Index(ImportData("URL1"),1,1)','=Index(ImportData("URL2"),1,1)']
 // Append the data array

When we want to add formulas to a spreadsheet we should use setFormula() / setFormulas(), not setValue() / setValues().

Regarding going to the next cell, instead of A1 notation you could use the other forms like getRange(row, column)

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