When I sort a range on a Google sheet, it sorts just fine. When a collaborator who has edit access attempts to perform the exact same action, a Temporary Filter View is produced. When she closes the Temporary Filter View, the sheet returns to its previous state - unsorted.

How can a collaborator with edit access to a Google sheet sort the data on that sheet?

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The issue is with protected ranges (in the toolbar under View > Protected Ranges). One of the columns was considered a protected range, and so any sorting was considered a temporary filter. Removing the protected status solved the issue.

Source: Works with OP.


There are several ways:

  • Use the menu commands
  • Use contextual commands (right click)
  • Use a "regular filter"

For details, see Sort and Filter your Data

  • Following the instructions on the page to which you linked results in a Temporary Filter View when my collaborator tries to sort. My question is how to sort a range without producing the Temporary Filter View. Commented May 10, 2017 at 20:05

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