I have a sheet here. Our 2-week pay periods run from Sunday to Saturday. I want each employee to have his or her own time sheet like the one above which shows the current 2-week pay period always at the top with previous pay periods beneath.

I want F15 to always reflect the total of the current pay period so that I can share that cell's total on a master sheet for each employee as a single line item. I need a script to automatically add and populate the appropriate dates and weekdays for the next pay period as soon as the previous period ends.

For example, on the sheet above, when 5/13/2017 rolls over to 5/14/2017, 14 new rows will be added at the top of the page populated with the dates for the new 2-week period. That would mean that F15 would now be totaling the hours of the next two weeks as they are filled in each day by the employee.


Ok, I have this now, but it doesn't autofill the new dates and I think it might be moving the current 2 weeks to the bottom of the whole sheet instead of just moving them down. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated!

function addNewTimePeriod() {
  var addressTime,currentData,lastRow,

  addressTime = "A2:D29";
  timeSheetName = "hrs";


  ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  sh = ss.getSheetByName(timeSheetName);
  lastRow = sh.getLastRow();

  range = sh.getRange(addressTime);
  currentData = range.getValues();

  sh.getRange(lastRow+1, 1, currentData.length, currentData[0].length).setValues(currentData);

  range.clearContent();//clear the values in the current pay period

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