I have spreadsheet that contains three pages:


enter image description here


enter image description here

Tasks are related to Projects


enter image description here

Related to Projects and Tasks.

When I select Project in Calendar and go to Task drop down I have all tasks there. How to make dropdown that contains only Tasks related to selected in column B Project?


A drawback to using project and task drop-downs in the calendar sheet is that maintaining valid input is tricky. For example, if you select a matching project/task pair and then change the project, the task is technically invalid. What should happen in that case? Note, this is not a problem specific to Google Sheets, but rather a general computer programming problem.

A simpler and error-free approach is to combine the two drop-downs into one so that only valid project/task pairs can be selected. And, it so happens to be easier to implement than synchronized drop-downs anyway!

To do this:

  1. Add a new column to the tasks sheet which concatenates the project and task columns. Here's an example formula: =concat(A1, concat(": ", B1)). The output looks like this: Project A: Job 1 for project A.
  2. Use the new column in the tasks sheet as the data-validation criteria for you task column in the calendar sheet.
  3. Delete the project column from the calendar sheet.

So what you end up with in the calendar sheet is a task column with entries like this:

  • Project A: Job 1 for project A
  • Project A: Job 2 for project A
  • Project B: Job 1 for project B

Hence, it's impossible to mismatch the project and task.

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