I have a google sheet with 1300 lines. I want to enable users to see the list and be able to enter filter text, so only matching records will be displayed.

I can send the link to the sheet, but then when a user enters a filter, all other users will see it, and it will override their filter.

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Users with view only access can use filter views. Tell about this to the users of your spreadsheets. Another solution is to use other tools like Google Sites, o Awesome Table.

From Sort and filter your data

Filters vs. filter views

Both filters and filter views help you analyze a set of data in a spreadsheet.

Filters can be useful if:

  1. You want everyone viewing your spreadsheet to see a specific filter when they open it.
  2. You want your data to stay sorted after using the filter.

Filter views can be useful if:

  1. You want to save multiple views.
  2. You want to name your view.
  3. You want others to be able to view the data differently. Since filter views need to be turned on by each person viewing a spreadsheet, each person can view a different filter view at the same time.
  4. You want to share different filters with people. You can send different filter view links to different people so everyone will see the most relevant information for them.
  5. You want to make a copy or create another view with similar rules.
  6. You don't have edit access to a spreadsheet and still want to filter or sort. In this case, a temporary filter view will be created.

Note: You can import and export filters, but not filter views.

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