I have just created an user name for my page (AcridBlogsEN), so it is now accessibe under:


In a confirmation message Facebook told me that I can use:


in addition to main URL.

However any attempt of using this shortcut fails -- I'm getting empty page in Chrome and Firefox and "This page cannot be found" in Internet Explorer. What am I missing?

  • Fixed your link for you :P - Try it now May 14 '17 at 13:19
  • @SleepingGod Sorry, you didn't! :( But thanks for trying!
    – trejder
    May 14 '17 at 17:10
  • Does this problem still occur? It sounds very weird. Have you managed to reproduce it from other users, or with other pages? Jun 10 '18 at 11:41

Use the full URL of the site i.e https://fb.me/AcridBlogsEN

Often when browsers interpret links they cut of the https:// section this does not mean that you should ommit it, when providing someone with the link.

  • Thank for a tons of good humor in your answer (I always appreciate that). Unfortunately, I must regretfully inform you that you fixed it only for yourself! :( I have just tested it and I'm getting exactly the same results -- i.e. empty page on three browsers (this time, because on current computer I also have Opera installed) and "This page cannot be found" in Internet Explorer. Sorry!
    – trejder
    May 14 '17 at 17:09
  • I have just used another connection (3G) to verify above. Same effects. The only other thing that comes to me mind is that government of the United Arab Emirates (from where I am connecting) blocks access to fb.me site. But that would be really weird, because: (1) access to bit.ly is unrestricted, (2) bit.ly is Libya's service (another friendly Arab country) and (3) when any page is blocked in UAE then an appropriate message is displayed, not a blank page. Thus, I think that reason are different.
    – trejder
    May 14 '17 at 17:17
  • Yes, with https:// it works like a charm. I was mainly confused by two things: (a) Facebook message said about fb.me not https://fb.me/ and (b) the other address -- m.me for sending Facebook Messanger messages -- works fine even without https:// in the beginning. I'll be more than happy to accept your answer, but you must rewrite it completely to only stating above (that I need to use https://fb.me/) because the whole idea of activating this URL through bit.ly is wrong. I have another "not working" fb.me that "started to work" with https://fb.me/ without bit.ly "activation".
    – trejder
    May 14 '17 at 18:38
  • And here you have a clear proof that even Facebook says about using fb.me without https:// in front.
    – trejder
    May 14 '17 at 19:18
  • Yes! The link starts with http:// which is wrong! Because Both http://fb.me/ and just fb.me is not working (at least for me). The only working URL for me is https://fb.me which isn't mentioned anywhere in this Facebook confirmation dialog (or I am blind).
    – trejder
    May 15 '17 at 18:05

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