I want to create a scatter plot in Google Sheets to display several sets of x and y coordinates, such that every five sets are a different color and a different element on the legend.

Is this even possible?

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Without even a sketch I am not sure what is required but a layout as shown may help:

WA106168 example

  • This maps the X values into a single set of integers, with some Y values missing or eempty for some Xs. I.e. a sparse set. How about if every Y value from every set of values has a different X? Sure, you can always do the sparse thing - but then if you have N sets of (x,y) coordinates, you will need total # of rows = the total count of all points in all sets of (x,y) values Which is clumsy. // I.e. how can one plot two or more independent scatter plots, where the X coordinates have different values for each - without having to sparsify?
    – Krazy Glew
    Commented Oct 30, 2023 at 22:34

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