I moved a Google Drive folder and I want to undo that action. A popup came up briefly as shown, but then it hid itself before I realized that I needed to Undo it. How can I bring it back up again or otherwise Undo the action now?

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Alternatively, the Google Drive Help page Keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive on the web gives the shortcut:

 Undo last action     Ctrl + z (Chrome OS, Windows)
                      ⌘ + z (Mac)

This will work after the Undo option has disappeared and even if you browse through folders in Google Drive. However, if you close or refresh (F5) the page, you will not be able to undo the last action.


To 'undo' now find what it was you moved, where it is now, and move it back (in) to where it use to be, in much the same way as you moved it out in the first place.

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    @SimonWoodside Google Drive Help Find or recover a file gives specific steps on how to do what pnuts said. – Ashton Aug 17 '17 at 5:06

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