While searching for images using text input, I want to be able to go from an existing google image search to the input box using keyboard shortcuts. I'm using Google Chrome on OSX.

A 2012 answer by frozenkoi on SuperUser, in response to a question about google search for web pages (not images), talks about using CTRL+E or CTRL+K, but these shortcuts don't even work on Google Chrome on OSX for Google web search, let alone Google image search.

F6, mentioned in this answer, doesn't work even when doing Google web search. I tried with and without fn, and making function buttons the default and not.

Rather than going straight to the input box, I can go the address bar and type in "images.google.com.au [search term]", as suggested by Chrome keyboard shortcuts but that's a little awkward.

Another possibility is to set image search as your default search engine temporarily.

I'm asking here rather than on superuser, because a question about Google web search in 2014 got closed as off-topic.

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