On the Google Calendar, I went ahead and switched from Tasks to Reminders. Perfect, I now see a new calendar called "Reminders" that shows them all.

However, I have a Todoist integration that syncs up with my Google Calendar, but since the Reminders calendar is a separate calendar, they don't show up in Todoist. It doesn't appear that the Reminders calendar can even be shared.

Is there a way to ensure Google Reminders get added to the primary calendar? Or is there an automated way to copy them over to the primary calendar when a new one is added?

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This may not be possible, because the "Reminders" feature in Google Calendar isn't actually a calendar (even though it appears in the calendar list). It belongs to its own separate "Reminders" part of your Google Profile, which does not have an API.

Some Background: Google originally created the Reminders feature for the Google Now mobile app, back in 2013. It was incorporated into the Google Calendar app in 2015 with the ability to set and view reminders, but the data itself stayed external to Google Calendar. It expanded to the desktop version in 2016, and today, it integrates with a variety of Google Apps, including Google Keep and Inbox.

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