Can you use a URL to create a new Google Document/Spreadsheet/Presentation from a template?

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I don't use a template, because more likely I just want a consistent way to create a new document from an existing document - without accidentally editing the original document.

I first create an ideal version of a file. From the menu, I then choose "Make a copy...", which then allows me to select the target Google Drive directory. This directory is where all new versions of this file will be created. On submitting the form, a new tab opens, from which I (quickly) copy the URL before the page redirects to the new version.

The "/copy?" URL looks something like:


I've truncated the URL above, replacing some values, but you can see there are some values in there that can be modified, such as whether to copy comments and collaborators.

I then save this URL as a bookmark, or distribute it to my staff, or paste it back into the bottom of the initial document ("Use this file as a template) and "publish" the initial document.

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    This works perfectly for my needs! Thanks. Some additional notes I found from using your answer: 1) You don't need to use a google.com/url endpoint, you can just use the docs.google.com url. It still works and it's cleaner to read without the urlencoded url 2) copyDestination can point to a Google Drive Folder ID https://docs.google.com/document/d/{{Document ID}}/copy?id={{Document ID}}&copyCollaborators=false&copyComments=false&title=New+Research+Report&copyDestination={{Google Drive Folder ID}} – Brent Chow Jul 26 '17 at 16:37

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