We are a free and open source software project. We set-up a Google Group for build results from services like Travis, AppVeyor, CodeFresh and Coverity. The list does not allow Public to post since we want to avoid all the viagra, penis enlargement, religious and other useless posts that flood a list.

We are trying to configure a whitelist for the group because sender email addresses, like builds@travis-ci.org and no-reply@appveyor.com, are not monitored. There's no one to interact with an invitation or a challenge system.

I found the Manage link, but I cannot figure out how to add the desired email addresses so the services can post to the list. Searching is not turning up much information, either. I'm guessing I have not used the correct keywords.

How do we whitelist the addresses so the build services can post to the group?


This is a frustrating limitation in Google Groups. There is no explicit whitelist. Only once a user has a post marked as spam, inevitable because of the awful false positive rate and no ability to disable spam filtering, you can then whitelist the user. Visit the group and select pending messages and click the button shown in the screenshot below.

Adding insult to injury, it often isn't even until the next day that moderators receive the spam email notification.

enter image description here

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