I use Gmail and someone sent me an email with a signature that I quite liked the style of and I thought I could reuse it myself. I copied the signature into my Gmail settings signature box and changed the text to reflect my details. But when I saved my Gmail settings, for some reason the spacing between text lines all increased so it looks wrong - lines are spaced too far apart - and I don't know how to fix the line spacing as I don't see any tool for spacing in the Gmail signature editor.

How can I fix the line spacing? Or how do I go about editing the underlying HTML source to fix the line spacing? Sorry, I am unclear how to do that or how to access the HTML source.


Make Your cursor placed at the end of first line and press DELETE button until the second line is just beside the first line.Then after press SHIFT+ENTER.

Do the Same for all the lines....


I was able to fix it by pasting the text into Microsoft Word, then using word's Format > Paragraph feature to remove any line spacing. Then copy/paste the fixed text back to Gmail settings signature box. Seems to be fine now.

Maybe same will work with any document editor, I'm not sure, but Word was what I had to hand.


I highlighted the text after paseting into the signature and double click the capital underlined T with the small x. Remove formatting Control-\ Then deleted the unwanted lines

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