I don't typically communicate via IRC and therefore don't keep a client installed. To keep from having to download a client I'd like to use a web based IRC service. What web based IRC clients exist and what is your favorite?

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Mibbit has a clean UI, doesn't require any plugins and has an embed feature.


I have used the 3 preceding solutions, however I found that http://webchat.freenode.net/ seems to have the slickest (read:minimalist) interface and best feature set.

  • +1 for webchat.freenode.net . It's simple and useful. What package do they use? – Stefan Lasiewski Jul 13 '10 at 22:38
  • It's made on Quakenet. Completely ads free. – badp Jul 24 '10 at 16:11

I have used CGI::IRC installed on my own server to access IRC. It's not perfect, but it works and is free :)

  • If you need to host your own web IRC client, this is pretty much the only option I know for open source packages. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2006. – spoulson Jul 2 '10 at 13:07
  • Does it need updating? Does it have some security holes or something? – x3ja Jul 3 '10 at 7:51

On IRCNet and EFNet you can use this: http://webchat.xs4all.nl/index.php

http://chat.ircnet.org redirects over there.


If you are looking for a solution which you can install to your own webserver, then an alternative to CGI:IRC is qwebirc. A comparison:

  • CGI:IRC is written in Perl; qwebirc is written in Python
  • CGI:IRC requires a webserver (and runs as a CGI); qwebirc contains its own webserver (based on Twisted), running on its dedicated TCP port
  • CGI:IRC uses one process per connection (may consume too much memory); qwebirc runs in a single process, no matter how many connections there are (so it uses much less memory)
  • the latency per message (both incoming and outgoing) is very low for both CGI:IRC and qwebirc

A newer tool I've run into is called Alice, which has a really nice and simple UI. If you don't want to run your own they're working on a hosted version.

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