I have recently started using Twitter. I am following a number of people - but some of them are tweeting every 5 seconds, so my main page is cluttered with their tweets. I want to create a list (I think that is what its called), and move the people that I follow into a list instead. The whole idea is so that my tweets (about once every few days) will still appear on my "home page", and that the "noisy" people I follow will not drown everyone else out.

What I want to do is to have a less busy "homepage", so that my infrequent tweets do not get drowned by people I follow.

Can someone explain the steps involved in:

  1. creating a list (if that is what I need to do)
  2. "Clearing out" my "homepage" on twitter, so that only my tweets appear there


Is there anyway of following someone without having their incessant tweeting drowning out your tweets?


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Please consult http://support.twitter.com/

Specifically How to Use Twitter Lists

There are a few ways to create a new list, the easiest way is by clicking “New list” on the twitter sidebar. Clicking on this link will pop up a box, as shown above. Here you can name your list. You can also make the list public (everyone can see it) or private (only you can see it).

The homepage will always have the timeline of everyone you follow.
The profile page (twitter.com/username) will always have your tweets

The noisy users can be handled by this question

How can I throttle an over talkative person I'm following on Twitter without unfollowing?

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