I want to stream with the song request using Nightbot an add-on for twitch , but when the music starts in the twitch client, it starts like any YouTube video: with video and audio.

Can I play songs from Nightbot without video?

  • I'm not familiar with what you're using, but why not minimize the window that it opens in? Or perhaps putting the window off screen of what's being recorded? Commented Jun 6, 2017 at 17:13

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you could try this:


!songs request Youtube or SoundCloud Link / Search Term

Will use the link or search term supplied to add a song to the queue. If YouTube or SoundCloud has been disabled in the song request settings, they cannot be used to request songs.

or check this out the Nightbot Docs link (it can be very useful)- https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/songs

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