I have a list of 200 addressed plus my home address: let's call the first ones A, B, C... and my home address simply "Home".

Is there any fast method to calculate on Google Maps, in bulk, all the 200 estimated times to travel "Home - A; Home - B; Home - C ...etc" using only public transport means?

If not, do you know any alternative?

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You can do this with the Google Maps Distance Matrix API, but you'll have to do some (fairly basic) programming. A description of how to do it is well beyond the scope of an answer here -- check out the API documentation.


This is possible using the TravelTime API (documentation here)- you just need to do a few API calls to get this data back and uses public transport timetables (as well as driving / walking / cycling)

If you're just looking for the raw data export without writing code this is possible from http://www.traveltimeplatform.com/analytics/

(Disclaimer: I work for TravelTime platform who are the creators of the api and analytics platform)

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