I'm using Google sheets. I need to automatically add a cell above the existing B1 and shift the values down every-time the value in cell A1 changes. Column "A" is being populated by a google form. Column B is being manually typed in.

This example is not the final product (it is over simplified), but the ability to "automatically insert a cell above an existing cell AND shift existing cells down WHEN the value in another cell changes/updates" is.

Any suggestions or help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Example Step One

        Col-A          Col-B
row1    Todd             A+
row2    Bill             C-
row3    Jim              B+

Example Step Two

        Col-A          Col-B
row1    Mike             
row2    Todd             A+
row4    Bill             C-
row3    Jim              B+
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There is an on event that could triggers Google Apps Script functions when a cell value changes, the edit event. It could be used on a simple or on a installable trigger.

In order to be able to insert new lines, you should use a installable on edit trigger.

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