How can I write a formula that will count the number rows that meet a condition in one of the columns?

I found this to work in Excel:


But how can I get something like this to work in Google Sheets?


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Here is an implementation of the same mmult approach in Google Sheets. Your problem may have been because of the lack of arrayformula.

=countif(arrayformula(mmult(N(A1:F9 > 10), transpose(iferror(A1:F1/0, 1)))), ">0")

Here A1:F9 is the array being processed, and ">10" is the condition. So, N(A1:F9 > 10) returns a 0-1 array of the same size. It is summed by rows using mmult. The second argument is a column of 1s; I use iferror(A1:F1/0, 1) to generate an array of 1s of the same size as A1:F1.

Finally, countif counts positive entries of the product, i.e., the rows with at least one positive number.

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