Today I noticed a spam link (from a website with a fake-news-sounding name) on my Google News feed. My first thought was to flag this as not news or as unwanted, but I wasn't able to find any option to do this.

How can I report spam or fake news to Google so they can filter it from Google News?

I feel the need to clarify because "fake news" in my post seems to be inviting misinterpretation. I do NOT mean "fake news" in the Trumpian sense. That is, my goal is not to flag news stories that run counter to my personal beliefs.

Rather, I mean "fake news" quite literally. Spam purveyors masquerading as news outlets.

I was getting a flurry of spam "stories" on my feed from sites with names like "West Cost Newz" (I don't remember the exact names -- there were several). The headlines would be along the lines of "Payday Loans Hot Pensacola Low Interest Save". The news-like name of the site was leading Google to include this spam in the news content it aggregates for Google News.


If the article is labeled as "Fact Check", then yes, there is.

From Fix settings & report problems in Google News

Other problems might include:

  • An outdated article
  • A wrong headline
  • An article in the wrong section
  • Problems with page appearance or navigation
  • A blog or press release without a label
  • An article incorrectly labeled "Fact Check"

If you find one of these problems, contact us.

  • This is actually for reporting issues with how your website's content is appearing in Google News. However, the first link you provided included a link to the appropriate form further down the page, so thank you for that.
    – Excellll
    Jul 10 '17 at 21:45

You can report sites that violate Google News' quality guidelines for spam here:



According to this help page, the current way is to click the "Send feedback" link at the lower left of the Google News page. Or in the app, there is a "Send feedback" option in the user menu.

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