I feel expressively restricted by the emojis that come with slack by default. I want to :party_parrot: and :table_flip: - I want to live!

But I do not want to add custom emojis one by one. How do I add whole bundles to my slack channel?

  • There's a Chrome extension called "Save All Resources" that gives you the browser cache (so no admin privileges needed). I wrote a python script to reformat the files and get the emojis here: medium.com/@dan.chiniara/…
    – user230643
    Commented Oct 16, 2019 at 20:11

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Try setting up slack-emojinator to accomplish this.

Once you've set this up successfully, you'll be able to bulk upload Slack emoji via a command like pipenv run python upload.py ${EMOJI_DIR}/*.png.

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