About 90% of emails I send out in Gmail: 1. Need to be labeled 2. Can be labeled based on a simple filter (e.g. specific "To:" address)

Can I automatically apply labels to send emails when sent; based on filter(s)?

(P.S. I'm aware I can manually assign a label by going to "labels" menu when composing email; as well as filter any unlabeled sent mails and mass-apply the label later. I'm looking for more automated solution).


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I created a filter based only on a To: address.

Matches: to:([email protected])
Do this: Apply label "Testing"

When I sent a simple message to that address, the message ended up with the "Testing" label. The only downside would seem to be that the message is automatically marked as "read", I expect because it's a sent message.

So the answer would seem to be Yes, you can create filters that act on messages as you send them.

  • I don't particularly mind that downside, i'll test this and accept if it works for me. Thanks!
    – DVK
    Jul 7, 2017 at 3:07
  • The trouble with this is that applying labels isn't really what I am after. Google seems to overload the "folder" concept onto labels, and "folders" is why I want labels. It is of no value to me to have labeled emails in my sent "folder". I want them to appear under the label I've tagged them with. Nov 24, 2019 at 2:09

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