I know there's an online utility that does it but I can't seem to find it. All my Googling has been in vain.

The T̜͓̞̤͎ͦ́ͤ̓̄̚ḣ͖͙̘ͦͯ̾re͗̈́e ̙̥̘̙͉̺̜̐ͧ̍E͍̲̜͈͊v̹͙̝̗ils is the only example I could find of the text effect I'm looking for.

Not looking for the utility specifically, but what the effect is.


This is called 'Zalgo' on Stack Exchange, and how it works can be found here.

It makes use of so-called 'combining characters' in Unicode. A combining character basically says 'I'm a normal character, except that you must render me above/below/inside the base character.

Here is a list of combining characters; you can just copy them from there.

Note that the use of Zalgo is discouraged on more serious websites (except when demonstrating the limits of regular expressions). That might explain the downvotes on this question.

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