How to report a suspicious seller on Amazon? The top three sellers below have no feedback 'just launched' and strange names that could have been randomly generated by a computer. Their prices are a fraction of the market price. I'm sceptical they are legit.

  1. KISHWA JENKINS Just Launched
  2. ARCHIE BELDIN| Just Launched
  3. cuinzqyowr Just Launched

Is there any way to inform Amazon of my suspicions about these sellers? I want to protect other shoppers. I know how to report a problem with an order, but I haven't made an order and don't intend to.

If Amazon are concerned about protecting customers against scams, I think they show have a 'report seller' or 'report listing' button on this page before they make an order. Prevention is better than cure.


enter image description here

What's the scam here? Do they ship counterfeit or inferior goods (ie. a smaller memory chip), or do they simply take customers' money and run?

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You have to use the general contact form. This is behind your login.

Select An order I placed. Assuming that you do not have an order with that merchant, click Choose a different order, then on the right click Cannot find my order to proceed:

enter image description here

In the dropdowns that appear, there are no specific choices for you. Choose Other order issues and Something else. If you want you can then go into chat.

This page is specifically for copyright infringement by a seller:

This form is intended for use by rights owners and their agents to notify Amazon of alleged infringements such as copyright and trademark concerns. If you are not a rights owner or their agent, Amazon will not be able to process complaints submitted through this form.


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