I'm looking at a Office Sway and it's used as an album, the only problem is that I can't directly download the photos in bulk. The photos don't have their own unique URL; is there any way to download the photos in bulk without having to download them individually?

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As of 19-07-2017, this is currently not possible.

Given that the URLs of the images follow this pattern:


IMAGE_LINK is unique to each image so recursive retrieval is nearly impossible. I've even tried using wget using the command:

wget --spider -r --no-parent --no-check-certificate https://eus-www.sway-cdn.com/s/SWAY_LINK/images/

But this link cannot be directly accessed and therefore is a broken link.

According to Jason, a Sway engineer:

Unfortunately, not without using something like Fiddler to record a list of all the images that get downloaded when you navigate through the Sway.

This means that the only way to retrieve the original images of a Sway, you have to access each image one-by-one when navigate the Sway, which is extremely time-consuming.

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