I have a table in my header, after the table I would like for the content of my page to just start, but there there is a line after the table that I cannot remove which is making my spacing not work the way I want it to.

To demonstrate what I mean check out this quick example document I made that shows the problem. I have some text on the line I would like to remove, I would have thought I could just delete that text and press backspace but that doesn't do anything.

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That's not possible to do, without removing the header altogether.

There are two ways to reduce the spacing:

  1. lower the font size from 11 to 6 points
  2. lower the line spacing from 1.15 to 1

The changes are not big, but perhaps enough.


I can't find any way of removing it completely. You could delete the text and make it 1pt in size, which would reduce the gap at least.

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