I can easily count on filters from the data like this -->

=count(filter(Data!$A$2:$A, Data!$C$2:$C=$C13,Data!$E$2:$E=$A$5,Data!$J$2:$J>=P$7))

But I want

Data! Data!$E$2:$E=$A$5 Or $A$6 Or $A$7   

... but an Or statement gives an error. What is the way to do this? I can't lose the rest of my filters either.

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Use the + operator, which works just like boolean OR, thanks to 0 being interpreted as boolean false and non-zero as true:

=count(filter(Data!$A$2:$A, (Data!$C$2:$C=$C13) + (Data!$E$2:$E=$A$5) + (Data!$J$2:$J>=P$7)))

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